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This is not a bad bug, but you may want to look into it. When I finish a video, it immediately replays but only the audio. The screen itself is solid gray. If I start a new video, it plays normally and does the audio replay at the end. This has only happened for about the past week for me.

Edit: I should say, this is for viewing with the on-site streaming player. YouTube is normal.

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This has been reported before, but, it has to do with your AdBlocker. With AdBlocker enabled, it will repeat the audio when the video finished. And yes, it's a bug. The work on the new video player should hopefully resolve these issues.

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Awesome. Sorry I repeated.

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@aelric Not a problem! Thanks for reporting.

Try it with adblock off (temporarily) and see if it works.

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Just to add to this, that I've also been having this issue but do not have an adblocker installed. It did start happening around the time Avast last updated though, I believe.

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@thomasnash Yes, it may not be limited specifically to AdBlocker, but to any software that might be blocking content urls (In our case, our CDN). Looks like we aren't on a whitelist for Avast, unfortunately. Thanks for reporting this, I was not aware.