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So, on Friday I submitted Table Mini Golf as a new game. With me being on auto-moderation, it went through just fine and I added in some basic info.

Then today I log in to find a message from the moderation system that @nuclearwinter has rejected a game I submitted, due to it being a duplicate. The message called it "New Game" (and linked to "http://3030-/"), but it is presumably Table Mini Golf as that submission now shows up as denied in my wiki history.

Now, this doesn't seem to have caused any actual data loss - the entry seems just fine. But it was confusing to me, and presumably wasted the moderator's time, so I would hope it can be looked into.

The rejected edit would be:


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This is related to a bug that the mods are aware of and have notified the engineering staff about. For the time being, you should be able to just safely ignore the message.