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My CC expired and I got an email from no-reply@giantbomb.com with the title: Subscription Payment Failed on Giant Bomb & Comic Vine. The links are broken in the email. The server puts in the localhost as well as giantbomb.

The email reads:

Duder, we attempted and failed to charge your credit card for your premium membership. To fix the issue you'll need to head on over tohttp://www.giantbomb.comhttps://localhost/billing/update/ and update your info or use another card. Your account will remain active for a day or two, but if you don't act soon we'll have to downgrade your account.

If you haven't been around in a while, we've added a ton of great new features. You can find a good summary of them on this page:http://www.giantbomb.comhttps://localhost/upgrade/


Just a friendly message from the duders at Giant Bomb & Comic Vine

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looking into it, thanks for the heads up