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Hey, today I tried upgrading my account to a monthly subscription, and it's throwing a generic error at me.

"Something went wrong and we are working on it."

I've triple checked the billing details and have tried billing on different browsers with the exact same response.

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Whoops, I'll go do that.

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Yeah, I figure that'll be your best bet. Hope you get this worked out.

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Yeah, I'm getting this too.

I assume that the error message saying they are working on it means they're working on it? I hope so.

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I too have seen this problem. I was also unable to purchase a gift code.

Please fix so you may take my money.

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Yeah I just tried to upgrade my account and got the same problem.

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Same, just went to give GB my money...and they won't let me.

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also same issue :( let my membership lapse and i wana watch the friday show waaahhhhh

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Just want to say that I'm also getting this issue. I also sent an e-mail to support[at]giantbomb.com.

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Yep same here, odd.

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matt the sites broken

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Just tried again. Still not working

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Just registered and tried to add premium as well, getting the same error message with Chrome.

edit: tested with IE9 and received the same error.

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I went ahead and asked Rorie what's up with it and he said the following: "I'm pretty sure it's a known issue - hopefully it'll get worked out by Monday or Tuesday.". So that's that I suppose, Monday or Tuesday it is.

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Yeah, I'm still at the mercy of this particular bug. All I want to do is watch the bloody Unprofessional Fridays video. It's sucky.

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I have never seen a website be so late trying to fix something that pays their bill and gets them money lol. It's been almost three days.

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Sorry duders, we just fixed the issue which came completely out of nowhere.

We'll try to be proactive on that matter

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Yes, it finally works! Thanks to you and the top men!

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Yep, it works now, just paid for premium (thanks!)

Ran into one issue though, the coupon code that I received for the $15 off at the store isn't being accepted, does it take a few for it to get added to the database to work in the discount box?