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I was trying to post a blog to the E3 2013 board, and after selecting that message board from the drop down search the search didn't go away like usual. Clicking any of the search options after brought up a message regarding choosing too many options (I assume for the attach to board field) but I couldn't make it go away, and the post button was hidden behind it.

Also, how the hell do I delete a blog? I have several blogs which failed to attach to forums or have a mis-posted title and I cannot for the life of me work out how to get rid of them.

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Also, if you edit a blog title on your profile, it doesn't update the title to the thread in the forums. Which sucks. Because you can't edit a blog post in the forums.

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As far as I know, you can't delete a blog, at least not permanently. All you can do is essentially make it private.

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Yep, the title thing seems like a clear bug. I posted a blog post to the forums but had put in a placeholder title. I immediately changed it but it wasn't reflected in the forums.

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I can't really speak to the title editing - it might have something to do with not wanting to break URLs.

I can delete any blogs you might feel have been posted in error. If there's a bunch of great discussion after you post a blog to a forum, though, I may just delete the initial blog post and leave the rest intact.

Let me know if the drop-down issue persists.

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@rorie: When I post another blog next week I'll attach it to a forum and see if it still happens.

Also if you could delete my blog titled " I wish I could be deleted: The Blog." I'd be really grateful! The title editing stuff shouldn't be a problem with URLs because if you change your blog titles it changes the URL anyway? And you can change forum post titles so the issue isn't that end... I have a feeling they aren't linking up correctly though (and I assume it's related to not being able to edit blog posts in the forum - but I don't know the reasons for that).

Thanks for replying though Rorie!

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Drop down bug is now fixed. Thanks.