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I'm not sure if everybody's experiencing the same thing I am, but I went to post a blog this morning, and I got Gateway Time Out'd of it, rather than being taken to the forum selection thing. (I believe I could edit it back in, though. No problems there.) The blog posted a few minutes later, though. I'm not sure a lot of people know that, because I've been seeing double/triple posted blogs about the site.

I'm also assuming this problem came up today, since that's as far back as I've seen it.

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I have had issues tying blogs to specific forums, but no issues actually posting a blog.

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@video_game_king: I double posted the blog because the forum search wasn't working and I hit back to get back to my blog in the hopes that trying again would fix the forum issue. The double post was a result of trying to work around the forum search issue, not the actual post failing.

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The forum search issue is unfortunately affecting everyone; hopefully it will be resolved soon but there are a lot of E3 things going on that are slowing down bugfixing.