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My question is regarding the Boxee premium member linking. It seems I have to re-enter the information everytime I start it up. Is this working as intended?

Bonus question: Is there a proper place to request site features? Haven't seen any stickied threads.

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@palmlykta: I'm not super familiar with how Boxee works. I take it that those are just RSS feeds that you plug into the box? I know some people have said that their iTunes feeds ask them to re-log fairly often, but I haven't been able to replicate that myself. One thing I heard that might work is to ensure that your site password doesn't have any odd symbols in it like # *&%, etc. Sometimes that can bork up third-party RSS readers.

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I guess it's a Boxee app that pulls RSS feeds. I'm kinda working under the assumption that my problem is due more to Boxee tech limitations than a feature of the app. Still, it would be nice if it could remember my details for a bit longer.

Thanks for the reply @yojimbo.