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So here's how the situation goes. I go to log in (which I have to do every time I visit the site, it doesn't keep me logged in, which may or may not be another bug), click "Log in with Facebook," like I did with the old site.

I'm taken to a screen where I have to relink my account with Facebook. Alright, cool, I put in my username and password, click "Link Account," and....nothing. I just get a plain white screen. No error message, no linking accounts, no nothing.

I go to the login screen again and just enter my username and password, no linking. Again, white screen appears, nothing happens. The only way I can consistently log in is by doing so with Twitter.

The second issue I have is whenever I'm watching a live event (TnT, Unprofessional Fridays, etc.), I always get a message that says "You are not logged in," and am not given an option to do so. Even if I logged in from the main site, and go to chat, I'm mysteriously signed out.

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We'll push a fix ASAP

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That's fixed, woohooooo \o/

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I'm still getting a blank white screen when trying to log in any way but via Twitter. As for the chat, well, I'll be able to figure that out later tonight, but I'm sure you fixed that.