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As the title says, I can see what I assume is the moderators-only subforum under the most recent topics on the homepage. I do get a 404 when I try to click on it so it isn't accessible to those that shouldn't be able to see it, but I don't think the thread titles are supposed to pop up on the homepage anyway?

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Can anyone see the topic I posted today?

Moderator Online
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@mb: Yeah, I occasionally see a Moderator Hangout thread title at the bottom of the home page. Usually it's the "Moderation 2.0" topic

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For the record, Sweep totally MUST be stopped. I agree.

Also yeah, I can see 'em too.

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yeah i have noticed it for the last 2 weeks too. and yeah sweep must be stopped^^

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It's a known issue that will hopefully be fixed in a week or two. Sorry for the trouble.

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But Sweep is the man. :(

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Now I want to know why Sweep must be stopped.

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The man is a MENACE!!!!

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I'm not even sure Sweep can be stopped. He's the Mr Domino of sentient hamburgers.

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Sweep's delicious hamburger tyranny must end.

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Seems to me Sweep can easily be stopped if you distract him with alcohol and Dota.

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@theht: Mr. Sweepio? Sounds quite camp and affectionate when it should be a warning bell to us and our children.

But yes, moderator hangout on the forums is still a thing, I think you guys just throw it out there to make us regular folk curious. We all know you're planning a coup, we just don't know when!

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Seems to me Sweep can easily be stopped if you distract him with alcohol and Dota.

I think you can probably focus only on the alcohol and be remarkably successful...