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I deleted my browser history and cookies so when I went back to Giant Bomb it went to the default light theme. I can't change it back to the dark theme. Using Mac OS X 10.6 with Chrome.

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Day 12 of light site. I need to darkness of the site to match the darkness of my soul.

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@thepickle: Can you try opening a new incognito window and then logging into gaintbomb? Seems odd that this would be broken in chrome OS X. Wondering if there is an extension or anything else which might be messing with it.

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This sounds like a horrible nightmare, I wish you well my friend.

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I wonder how many new users have just run away screaming when greeted by the hellish white site. I bet it's like all of them.

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I'm so sorry.

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It's a feature, white rules!

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@alexisg: I deactivated all of my extensions and it still wouldn't switch. It did work on Firefox though.