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After video capping the entire credit sequence - since there is no manual to be found on the Steam page - I painstakingly for two hours transcribe every single name behind Scribblenauts Unlimited, nervously hit the save button and I get a red banner saying something has gone wrong. In Chrome's console it shows a 500 error on the POST.

I am not going to close this bloody tab. I spent way too much time with all these damn names. Re-enabling the Save button and using that also gets the banner and 500 error. If it helps I do not have enough wiki points to edit without moderation.

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@alazoral: How many names are we talking about? If there's a substantial number it's possible that the edit is timing out before it's completed.

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@alazoral: It looks like one of the developers didn't have a role when you submitted the list: Aleks\" Aleksiev. Can you remove him and try submitting again?

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Sorry, I had to restart the computer and all those credits are now stuff dreams are made on. I commend them to the server log.

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@alazoral: Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. :( I usually check the board on the weekends and do what I can but it was a bit busy this weekend.