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Well, I can add captions and galleries and whatever, but there's no save button to bring it all together. I can only remove images. The strange thing, though, is that it only affects my own images. I was just editing the Dragon Quest V gallery and could save stuff there, but it doesn't seem to carry over to my own gallery.

Chrome (whatever the latest is) and Windows 7.

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@video_game_king: Sorry, pretty sure this is an issue on CV as well. It's been bugged and hopefully will be looked into soon. Sorry!

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I feel I should point out that this is still an issue. It's preventing me from uploading more images to the site, since I know that will mean more work categorizing them all. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing.

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@video_game_king: I think this should be fixed now. Can you try uploading an image or two now?

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Don't need to; personal gallery saving is back to normal, and I've even finished uploading the images I was holding back because of this glitch.