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Before the site redesign you used to be able to embed videos in your reviews, but that does not seem to be the case anymore. I occasionally produce video reviews (such as this one) and would post them on GiantBomb.

I've waited patiently hoping the feature would be re-added, but it has not.

Furthermore, existing video reviews I've posted on GiantBomb cannot be edited to change/update embed code without completely erasing them from the submission form.

Was this by design, or did something get overlooked? Will it ever be re-added? It would be great if it did.

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@blazehedgehog: Hmm, yeah, it looks like there's no video option on the CMS for reviews. Can you bump this topic back to the top of this forum after the break (January 3rd or so) so that I can see if this is a bug or intentional? There aren't any engineers working right now for me to ask.

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Bumping as per request.

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I'm halfway through producing a new video review for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze; any news on this?