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clicking the button just makes it do the animation from coming out of fullscreen, seems to do this on any format or video

EDIT I have just updated to Safari 6.0.4 and it's having the exactly same issue

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Good to know, not gonna update in a while then. I thought I was the only one using Safari.

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I'm having the same issue with 6.0.3, hopefully its fixed soon.

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Yeah, same issue for me. Using HTML5/High quality, Safari 6.0.3

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can also confirm this issue.

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I updated to 6.0.3 after reading this thread to see if I would have the same issue. I did, of course. That was silly of me. Haha. Luckily, I don't watch many videos fullscreen.

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Same issue here, but windowed full screen still works fine...

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Bummed about not being able to watch in full screen. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Lesson learned: check GB forums before updating Safari.

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Yeah, just ran into the same problem. Glad to hear its not just me.

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Crap... I totally forgot about this and updated. Well I download most of the videos anyway, but it would be nice to see this fixed.

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@zaccheus said:

Crap... I totally forgot about this and updated.

Same here. Damn.

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Looking into this. Not sure if its only specific to 6.0.3 since the even more up to date Webkit dev versions are working.

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Having the same issue in 6.0.3 as well.

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Updated first post

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1 Month 3 days. An entire browser base locked out of a critical feature.

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I will join as one who's having the same problem. I only have this on this site which I find odd. Guess, it's a problem specific to the player Giantbomb uses.

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This one sucks I know. Our main video engineers are working on things like better streaming and such so it's unfortunately its behind that right now. I've been trying to figure it out myself but also have been swamped with other stuff. I like Safari a ton so it's not that we are ignoring it even though its super small percentage of our users.

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20 days later and I still cannot full screen. Is this a Safari problem or Giantbomb problem? Either way, I do hope it gets fixed soon! Safari is my browser of my choice but I am forced to use chrome for my giantbombing.

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Wohooo full screen is working again, good work duders.