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iPad mini, iOS 6.1

Getting the same thing on my iPhone 4 running iOS 6.0.1.

If I tap proceed anyway it just takes me back to the Giant Bomb homepage and then trying to log in a second time leads me to the same warning page.

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I had the same issue on my android phone.

I did a little test of the SSL for the site, not sure if shows the error or not.

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@forcen said:

I had the same issue on my android phone.

I did a little test of the SSL for the site, not sure if shows the error or not.

The one with an F rating is issued to auth.whiskeymedia.com. I'd trust it based on the domain it was issued to, but yeah that really needs to be fixed.

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I'm getting this on Android. Effecting Chrome and Dolphin. No issue with Firefox.

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I have the same on my iphone and ipad. I did manage to log in though eventually.

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I'm still getting this on Chrome for iOS and Android. Any word on a fix? I know I could bypass the warning but I'd prefer not to.

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Hmm, it's working fine for me on safari. Is it only with chrome?

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I just tried it on my mobile browser and came across this issue. The cerificate is issued by GoDaddy. According to GoDaddy this problem has something to do with an intermediate certificate not being installed. I don't know what that means or if it's actually relevant.

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i have the same problem on my ipad with chrome.. Its driving me bonkers!

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interesting, we'll take a look into it.

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Looks like this is still happening on both chrome and beta chrome for android:

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Looks like auth.giantbomb.com isn't sending the intermediate certificate.

The certificate chain (as reported by Chrome on my PC) looks like this: auth.giantbomb.com -> Go Daddy Secure Certification Authority -> Go Daddy Class 2 Certification Authority

However, auth.giantbomb.com sends only the first certificate. While chrome on android knows about the last certificate, it doesn't seem willing to go and find the intermediate certificate on its own so it can't validate the first certificate.

This is in contrast to https://www.godaddy.com which sends both the first and intermediate certificates in its response.

This page explains the problem in more detail (as well as why it's a problem with the site rather than the accessing device): https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=6657

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say that I am having the same issues logging in on my Samsung Galaxy S3 my Nexus 10 tablet using Chrome for Android.

I've emailed support about this but have not heard back from them.

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Anything new on this? I was unable to view premium content last night on my Android Tablet due to this issue!

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@hi_im_rob: ef really? I was under the impression this was fixed a few weeks ago. Site seems to load fine now on my Nexus 7. Any idea what version of Android you are on?

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@alexisg: Never mind. Everything is working.

Thanks Alexis!