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Hey Sorry for posting this here but I am not sure how else to report this issue.

I can't log into comic vine, I understood that my Subscription got me membership on GB and CV but I haven't been to comic vine yet and was going to check it out.

I get this error message:

Something went wrong we are working on it. You may contact the support by email games-eng-support@cbsinteractive.com.

It has been like this for about a month.

I have tried emailing the email but my emails bounce.

Any help for me?

Thanks for your time.

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Let's get @rorie in here. Maybe he can help you out.

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Looks like there is some kind of error with your account over there. Can you copy/paste this into an email to support@comicvine.com so that I remember to look you up in the database and fix the issue? Sorry for the trouble!

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Awesome, Will do! Thanks :D