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Having some trouble changing the order of items in a list. On the edit page, I can mess around with the numbers of the items on a list, and they will reorder themselves automatically, but whenever I try to save the altered list, I get a 404 error and the changes do not save.

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ya this has been happening to me as well, and from reading around the bug forum, to many ppl... for me after editing the list and saving, it re-directs me to either the Golden Lancer GOW2 page or another, forgot which.

Read a comment, don't remember which thread, but said that you can add things to your lists and save and it will be fine, which I have tired and ya, when you simply add new items to a list and save, it works. It's when you edit the positions or delete things from lists when the errors happen.

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Looks like lists are just completely down - server error when trying to get to my Lists.

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Same problem. I just created a list, but every time I try to edit it (either by changing the order and/or adding new items) I get the 404 redirect and a little "/undefined" added to the address.

I did delete two items every time I tried to edit it, so I'll just quickly check to see if skipping that step lets me save changes to the list.

/ETA: Yep. The 404 issue only seems to appear when I try deleting entries. Also, I've noticed that while you can use the buttons for moving extant items up/down and deleting them when editing an existing list, any new items added lack functionality in those buttons. It's the first time I've experienced the issue.

/ETA 2: The Edittening: OK, the order changing is also significant. It seems when changing the placement of an item on the list, the buttons for moving said item (or deleting it) cease to function and the list will no longer save. This might take precedence over the deleting items bug above, since I was able to remove a few items and have the list save the changes. Seems like the order changing thing is the crux of the issue.

(Chrome v24 and Win 7)

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Man, how am I going to add SimCity to my collection list if I can't make its index 1? What a bummer. Also Heart of the Swarm.

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What is the URL when you get a 404 error?

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This began working for me (that I noticed) just now. It was not working for days, possibly since the website transition.