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After years of enjoying GB I've finally decided to subscribe to some premium content. I first started by creating a new account but after a few fail tries I remembered I already had a GB account. But using the "forgot my password" doesn't reveal this fact, I had created it years ago thru Facebook and lo and behold that's how I was able to log back on. But I believe this little issue is preventing me from changing my password or letting me upgrade to premium. I can't create a new account cause even though the login says that my email doesn't exits, it's somehow still in use and preventing me from creating a new account and I believe it's what preventing from upgrading. I get this blank page when I click upgrade, the page never loads.

So can you fellas help me?

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Feel free to send an email to support@giantbomb.com with your email address and I'll try to get you sorted out.

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