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I canceled my membership because i can't afford it right now and my card was declined, why is it that it still says my card going to be charged today, i don't want multiple declines appearing on my account

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Seems like a bug in the system to me but @rorie will help you out.

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Based on the title I though this was going to be someone bitching about the quality and/or quantity of premium content. Thanks for not being yet another one of those and I hope your issue gets sorted.

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i sent him a pm already haven't heard back yet

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@dangeruss04: @rorie checks the Bug Reporting forum and his PMs on a pretty frequent basis, so you should hear back from him soon. If you'd like to hit him from another angle, feel free to send an e-mail to support@giantbomb.com while you're at it.

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Are you talking about this page?


It will always display the current date as being the next charge; it's just a database thing. It says it's going to charge me and it never does. So you should be in the clear, but let me know if you do get charged and I can reverse it for you.

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Alright thanks rorie it was weird that it was there, and I was kind of freaking out about it,

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@chaser324: I did send an email just in case,I guess because it's not a reoccuring charge my bank declined it

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@dangeruss04: Well, just in case I deleted your credit card info from the database, so it shouldn't even be able to attempted to charged you again.

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@rorie: FYI, mine says the right thing: "Your next subscription charge will be on Oct. 16, 2014"

Maybe yours says today because you're a magic staff user?