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First off, I want to thank the Top Men for getting the list editing tools back to functioning. Unfortunately I now have another list-related bug to report. Right now the site won't let me delete a list I created a few years ago, called 'Now Playing'. It's kept here. Every time I try to delete it, I end up with a 500 error. When I return to my Lists page, the list is still there. I've been able to successfully delete another list that I created more recently with no problems, but this one simply won't budge. I've tried in both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, with no luck in either. Not sure if anybody else is experiencing similar problems with deleting older lists.

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@dankempster: Try it now? I created and deleted a list but I don't have an older list to test it out on.

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@frobie: Still not able to delete the list, unfortunately. When I click the 'delete your list' text for this list in particular, it's still coming back with a 500 Internal Server Error. When I re-load my Lists page, it's still there. I can delete other created lists fine, but this one's still un-delete-able for some reason.

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It's been like this for me since the redesign was days old so when I tred to add stuff onto a list then (created before the redesign) it ended up spitting out a 404 page when I tried to save my changes. Thus I made a duplicate list so I can get around it and tried to delete the older list and, yeah, what's described here happens. And now (I can add things to it now somehow), when I've reverted to using the older lists since I hated having the same list twice I can only move things up on a list once per "arrow" edit. I can move an item up once and down once per item. Changing the number doesn't even do anything. Very annoying.

Using the latest version of Google Chrome on Windows 7 (32-bit).

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@rjayb89: There is currently a javascript browser conflict that I am not familiar with. It's in the queue of one of our frontend qurus to fix. In the meantime, clicking into the description field and then using the keyboard to tab to the button and hitting the spacebar allows you to change multiple items.

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Ah, thankfully I don't need to edit lists that often. At least, not now.

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Not sure if the Top Men have made any tweaks since I last posted, but I've successfully deleted the list today. Don't know if this would have had any influence on the matter but I cleared all but one of the items from it, then deleted the single-item list and it's gone. Whether you site guys are behind this or not, thanks for all your efforts, for replying to me personally, and just generally being awesome.

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@dankempster: Awesome. A minor fix was pushed, I forgot to mention it here. It's a good thing it worked, otherwise we would have had to resort to a more dastardly method where I delete it for you and we brush the whole matter under the proverbial rug.