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I started a new account on the site so I could post to the forum here and hopefully get some kind of support for it. The username is feetoffthesky. Everytime I go to log in, after putting in my username and password I get a broken link that if I attempt to reload I get a 404 error message. I would like to have my account back, so if there is anyway you guys can reconcile this situation I would appreciate it.

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hey, you should get an email with reset conditions for your original account.

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Thanks so much for your help! All is well now.

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@mrpibb said:

hey, you should get an email with reset conditions for your original account.

I'm having the same issue as feetoffthesky, I try to log into my account (called hurrpancakes), either with it's credentials, or with my Facebook account I used before the new site went live. Is there anything I can do to get back into my account?

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Hey, I'm having the same issue. I can't log into my premium account and can't reset my password. My account is Manlyzar. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey, disregard my previous post, I got it worked out. Thanks!

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Might be a bit late to pile on here, but I'm getting the same problem when attempting to log in. My username is ivelios1138. Thanks for any help you can provide. Love the new site!

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Have the same problem, but can't access the retrieve password option

username is Matbacon

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I can't login either. I signed up for premium using the Facebook connect, but now when I try and login it shows it connected to Facebook but say I need to create an account. If I try and register again, it says "Woops! Something wrong happened, we are working on it." Username is cdon.

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@cddigi said:

I can't login either. I signed up for premium using the Facebook connect, but now when I try and login it shows it connected to Facebook but say I need to create an account. If I try and register again, it says "Woops! Something wrong happened, we are working on it." Username is cdon.

I have the exact same issue my premium account is "StressedOutCat"
this has been going on since the website relaunch, also I am unable to login or reset my password for comic vine as well

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I'd like to add myself to the pile. I only ever logged in with my Facebook account, never with a password. Whenever I try a password reset it tells me I need to log in at least once to do that. I e-mailed since the new site switchover, but have not heard back. My username is ReverendHunt.

Thanks, mates.

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@mrpibb: thank you for resetting my account!

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Thank you so much. :D

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Pretty much the same as everyone else, I only ever logged in with my facebook account so I can't reset my password, and it fails to load whenever I try to log in manually.

Username: OneMoreTime


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Same problem. Also only ever used Facebook and can't reset.

Username: caffeinezebra


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Same problem.

username: g0ld3sun

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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(mdneligh) I received it, thank you very much.

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Thanks a bunch!

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I am also having that problem. My username is srmaday.


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By the way, I only used Facebook to log into my account.

Thanks in advance.

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Another one here with the same problem, only used facebook for my account as well.

Username: "Bloody_Wanker"


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Same thing is happening to me. Tried to contact the support by e-mail on the day the new site launched, but got no response yet. =/

My old username was leoaucar

the email:

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Hey my buddy Nodima cannot login and wanted me to post this message in here to get his account straightened out. Here ya go:

"I emailed you guys back on the 13th because I was worried about last week's premium content, but you guys did us all a solid with the freebies. I'm worried tonight's won't be so lucky though (ed. note: I was right!), and now I've learned I can't even make new accounts to post on the forums or PM any of you guys locally. This is regarding the account "Nodima".

I created a separate account "Knowdima" either on the 12th or 13th to make a post on the forums, which I've DEFINITELY seen work for other people (I mean, look at this thread). But every time I click my verification link from (another account I created JUST FOR YOU, haha) it just goes back to the GB homepage. I go to login, it says I'm not verified.

So basically, somehow your site is totally unusable to me as a Monthly subscriber, OR as a freeloader, and it's really starting to bum me out.

Mac user, Chrome generally, have tried logging in with Safari and Firefox to similar sad ends.

Huh? (Refresh, Refresh, Refresh):

This is what I was seeing during the live stream of Unprofessional Fridays...that's kind of disappointingly misleading. I refreshed the page every four or five minutes until I realized this is probably your clever wink at non-paying viewers. However, being in my position that's plenty bumming me out.



(Yes, a blank screen)


(Why does Firefox think you're a security risk and the others don't? After granting AND security clearance, I get the same blank page as Safari)

When I go to log in, these are the result pages I get in the three different browsers.

Dummy Account:

When I try the dummy account I made to try and post on the forums about this, I got stuck at the verification process. I have clicked the link in my folder several times over the past week, yet everytime I get kicked back to the giantbomb page I still get this message. "

Thanks in advance.

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A friend of mine, username "spotick" is also having an issue logging in. He gets a blank page after entering username and password. Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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@dan_citi: your friend should be receiving a reset email at his original address (nodima at gm)

@greyfox: same with your friend

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I also cannot log in and would also request a password change. My username is anatolehp. Thank you!

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AAAAAAAAH thank you so much @mrpibb, and @Dan_CiTi! This had been bugging me the past two weeks, obviously, since I wrote a manifesto about it! Just in time for Blade Runner Pt. 3, too!

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Hey, I can't log in to my account except via facebook.

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Hey @Protome you should receive an email very soon

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I'm also having this problem, my original username is needsmorehats.

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Hey, guys---I'm still having the same issue. The username is ShannonLeeHoffman


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I'm sorry, I think I messed something up, can you send another reset to me?

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Yes, mrpibb---my reset did not arrive either---could certainly be something I did! (username: ShannonLeeHoffman)

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Alright, so here's my current problem: I got my reset email, but it didn't work properly. I logged in with it on my main account (needsmorehats), input my old password, and put in a new one. However, after this, I still couldn't log in, but I now receive an incorrect password message, rather than an error. The password the reset provided to me also still works the way it did previously, by directing me to the reset page, but now, I am unable to reset my password, as every time I try, the page tells me my password is wrong. Thank you very much for trying to help, sorry it didn't take.

By the way, when I first reset my password, and it seemed to take, it logged me directly into this account (Which I had logged out of to access my main account), rather than needsmorehats. Just in case that's relevant.

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@many_drowning_mimes: did you receive the email?

@cannotlogin: I'll provide another reset email. This needs new passwords (it ignores the old password), so I would just enter in the new password.

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Hey all

I'm going to lock this thread because we're getting too many one-off accounts being created. If you have issues, please email games-eng-support at cbsinteractive dot com. One of us will get to them ASAP.