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I'm using a Nexus 4, and for awhile now anytime I try to watch a Premium video it's telling me I'm not a subscriber, when I am. Tried logging out and back in, but nothing changes.

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You don't seem to have a subscriber badge on your user icon either. If you're a monthly subscriber check your billing page to see if you were charged for this month. If not, I got nothin.

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Yeah, I was a subscriber this whole time and it was removed for some reason, odd considering it was auto-charged. I don't recall receiving an email saying that I was being removed or anything.

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@miguelitup: I'm showing that the last time we billed you was on April 26, so your account probably just expired. Not sure why that would be, but feel free to email me at support(at)giantbomb.com and we can get you sorted out.