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Posting a bug report as suggested by @mrpibb in the chat

As i mentioned in the chat, when I was asked about being disconnected from the chat, I may be an edge case due to usually having 2 tabs of giantbomb.com/chat open. (I have duel monitor set up and run the stream full screen in 1 tab on 1 monitor and another tab on the other monitor with the chat open. This leaves the chat open but hidden behind the stream on the 1st monitor)

I randomly get disconnected from the chat for short intervals, to which it will reconnect shortly after. this is periodically at semingly random intervals. I will say, I notice this more when there are more people in the chat (Unprofesional Fridays, TNT) rather than less populated times (Live Quick Looks, Recent Blade Runner(ish) session)

I'm running Chrome Version 26.0.1410.19 beta-m, On Windows 8. I can post a dxdiag dump if you need more info on the set up I'm running.

I'm not to bothered about it being fixed, If it's just me persoanlly, i can live with it. But happy to provide details to you guys if its an issue and you wanna fix it.

Keep up the good work, Rob

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thanks, we're looking into it. Did it get better around the tomb raider segment and beyond?

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Post the tomb raider segment i was only d/c once. At some point during the Dollar Dash segment.

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I'm the same on this one, except I seem to get disconnected a lot. There are times when it won't reconnect at all, and a page refresh is needed, but most of the time it is just constant disconnects the reconnects. Happened to me on both iPad and PC, both using Chrome (Windows 7 on PC, latest iOS on ipad).

Can't comment on whether it got better after TR segment, had just left the chat disconnected.

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Just as a note, if you have two chat tabs or windows open, it will disconnect all but the last opened one. So you can only be in one chat at once as your username.

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Same problem on Firefox. Chat freezes for long periods, says I've been disconnected every 2-3 minutes. So I just watch fullscreen. Been this way since the new site launched.

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I used to do the "dual monitor, double windows open" thing all the time until I recently remembered that you can now pop the chat open to a separate window.

Just press the pop out chat button in the top right and put that window on your other monitor leaving you free to full-screen the actual video. That way you're only logged in once.

Hope that helps

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@moleyuk: cheers, but then the polls are still hidden because they're in the same column as the stream, so I wouldn't see those in that method, and that's the main reason for my 2 window method. When it's not premium i usually have the video playing direct from the twitch site anyway.

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Thought I'd update peeps on my situation here. I've fixed my issues by going into the innards of Chrome and re-enabling one of the flash plugins. There were 2 there, one built into Chrome and one stand-alone. The stand-alone plugin was disabled so as not to cause conflicts. Re-enabled and hey presto- fixed! Hope this might help.

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Update - didn't fix it. Bummer :(

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I also have this problem, and I've no idea what causes it. I'm beginning to think it might be router settings? Are you guys connected via wifi or ethernet? I had my PC connected by ethernet before and it didn't seem to happen that much

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This just started happening to me yesterday during the Demon Souls stream, then again today during Spelunky and now it's happening during the DOTA stream.

I'm using Chrome version 32.0.1700.76 m on a 64-bit Win 7 install.

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I am having this a lot! I wonder if it is because i'm on my work machine and they have some odd extravagant setup going on.

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@revel: Holy Crap. I'm looking at this and thinking WTF? This was fixed! Then I looked at the date and noticed all but your post is old, mostly over a year. When this happens now its probably your work machine's odd set up. Can you tell me what error you're getting.