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When I pop out the chat, it works fine for a while with the video taking up the entire screen, but after a while, this always happens. A phantom chat box that overlays over the video.

2438628-chat error.png

When I click the pop out button again, it'll reset the popped out chat window and be gone again, only to return after a few minutes.

Following that error, if I try to resize the window, the video will no longer be full window and instead be resized to the original smaller size with a bunch of grey area to the bottom and right side. Once the empty phantom chat thing appears again, the resize vertical bar will be there which I can drag around to resize the video. If I hit the pop out button on the empty chat, it'll return the video to full window size.

Running Windows 7. Updated Chrome Version 24.0.1312.57 m

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Thanks for the bug,

It's a known issue the pop-out functionality is a bit wonky. It's kind of lower priority right now but once we get the bigger issues sorted out, someone will look at / fix this.

Thanks for understanding!

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@rchen it's not a big hassle for me, or even a little one really. Just figured I'd report it for you guys to look at eventually and help out where I can. I did a brief look to make sure it wasn't something that was already reported but I guess I missed it -_-;; Great work on the site and thanks for the response. Go top men!

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In case it's needed, here's one way to trigger it (Chrome on OS X):

1. Pop out the chat

2. Middle click a link in the pop-out chat window

3. You're already dead