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And the chat itself does not ever populate with what people are saying. It just stays empty. TNT is happening, so I assume it should be working. Is all of chat broken, or is my account just doing something weird?

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what browser and OS?

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@mrpibb: Firefox 20.0.1 and Windows 7 64-bit. In case it matters, my posting privileges on the forums were briefly turned off by the mods a couple days ago, but I've been able to post since then. But that's separate, right?

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I've seen poll results appear, though I'm not sure whether I could've participated.

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It should be... let me see if I can find a version of FF to test with. Can you try with chrome just to see if that works?

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Same issue. Chrome 26.0.1410.64 on Windows 8 64-bit.

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@mrpibb: I opened up Chrome, had to log in, and the chat worked fine. Using that as a jumping off point, I logged out of Giant Bomb within Firefox, then logged back in, and chat worked fine.

Unless you coincidentally fixed something at that exact moment, I'm guessing that logging out of the site and logging back in somehow rectified whatever issue my browser was causing.

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Same here, with latest Chrome and Windows 7 64-bit. Never happened until now.

Edit: Yep, relogging fixed the problem for me too.

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I had the same thing - Chrome 26.0.1410.64 m

I backed out to the main website, logged out, logged back in and that fixed it.

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hmmm ok. We're going to be doing tweaks to chat over the next couple of weeks which should help. I know XHR Polling is off right now which might be the problem.

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Happening with me too. Chrome/Mac Version 26.0.1410.65

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Sorry to res an old thread but I'm getting this on chrome Version 33.0.1729.3 dev-m

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I'm getting the same message right now watching bombin' the AM. Using the newest version of Chrome... :)

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This has happened to me to. My quick fix is to go back to the main page, log out, and log back in. Seems to fix it for me at least for that live stream.

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This has happened to me as well. (Windows 7, Chrome)

As above, I fixed by logging out and back in.