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I'm using a Macbook, running os 10.9.2. And using Chrome ver. 34.0.1847.131. It seems that the only page that won't load is the homepage. I was able to access it both through a cached version from google search and using Firefox (ver. 29.0).

Chrome never notifies me that the webpage cannot load. It just keeps spinning its circle, "waiting for www.giantbomb.com."

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@omniscientcajun: It appears to be working fine for me. Can you try it in an incognito window?

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@omniscientcajun: Just tried your exact browser & OS combination and it's working fine for me.

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@rorie: Incognito works. Thanks, Rorie.

EDIT: So after some light digging, I decided to delete the giant bomb live show notification plug-in that a community member made. And that appears to have cleared everything up. Thanks for the follow-ups @rorie and @mb!