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So over the last few days Ive gotten several notifications for forum responses to some of my posts that when I click on the notification to be taken to the thread and respond are instead taken directly to the wiki page of the game/concept the thread sas about. I'm currently running Win7 64bit on the latest version of chrome.

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Are you clicking on it in the drop down or on the notification page itself?

If the hyperlink itself is wrong, I'd assume it might actually be a server side issue, but have you tried clearing your cache to see if it's something old gumming up the works on your end?

It seems to be working for me in both places (Win7, Chrome beta latest).

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@chaser324: The same happened to me yesterday dont know if it is alredy fixed .... I clicked on the dropdown

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Just started doing this to me

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@demoskinos: @aetheldod: @nightriff: Ah. I think all of my recent notifications are for main forums (General Discussion, Off-Topic, Bug Reporting, etc.). Are those sort of notifications still working for you guys?

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@chaser324: It forked fine for now ..... but alas its is for this thread in bug reporting. ^_^

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@chaser324: I used the drop down menu. And yes notifications not tied to wiki pages function properly. Its just when its tied to a game board or something.

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Main threads work fine for me, seems to be wiki specific?

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Yeah, this has been happening to me for the last day, as well. It seems to only be when a post is linked to a wiki page. It goes to the wiki page instead of the actual forum post.

So, there is a thread about Dark Souls, and when someone replied, the notification just linked to the Dark Souls page.

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Im not sure if Im getting notifications at all (yes, they are turned on). Could someone @ me so I can see If Im getting notifications?

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I'm also experiencing this. I get a notification of a response in a thread attached to a specific game, and instead of taking me to the forum thread, clicking the link takes me to the game's wiki page.

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Still broke for me.

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Same is happening to me. Got notifications for a thread in the Warframe wiki and it was taking me to that page instead of the thread.

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Happening here as well.

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@chaser324: General discussion notifications work fine, just the ones attached to a wiki page are borked. Using the dropdown list, haven't tested otherwise.

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I've been getting this since yesterday. It's extremely annoying.

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Still doing this for me.

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It has also been happening to me for the past few days

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I had three notifications today for replies, two in a Dark Souls thread and one in a General Discussion thread. From the drop-down menu, the two Dark Souls notifications will link me to the Dark Souls wiki instead of the relevant thread while the General Discussion notification works as intended. Link to offending Dark Souls thread. Links offered by offending notifications. [1] [2]

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So this just happened to me. Notifications have been completely broken for me since the site update, but today I got a notification and it brought me to the wiki page for the threads topic.

Well, they werent completely broken. I was notified when someone started following me, but not for comments.

Can someone @ me to see if Im getting notifications consistently now? Wanna make sure it wasn't a fluke.

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@narujoe93: test.

Known issue that's being looked into. Sorry for the trouble.

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@rorie said:

@narujoe93: test.

Known issue that's being looked into. Sorry for the trouble.

Okay, Im getting notifications again. Thanks!

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Same with me, its weird as fuck.

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Still have the same issue with all my notifications (click them on the top hover over menu). Using latest version of Chrome on Windows 8.1.

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Ya it's been happening to me also recently.