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I can comment on articles just fine, but (at least with the Neil Gaiman and Battlelog videos) I can't quote, reply, or even click in to the comment box to say anything. TAB gets me into the box but the text stuff looks very different.

Using Firefox without any extensions.

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Can you take a screenshot of what it looks like? I was just able to post a comment on that video on Firefox on OS X fine.


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@jarmahead: Yeah, this seems to be working fine for me as well. Is your Firefox the latest version?

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I'm having trouble with the comments, too. I can click into them just fine, but I'm getting pure black Times New Roman in a slightly smaller area instead of what's regularly there. Formatting seems to work fine, but going past the fold makes the text box freak out as it oscillates between staying as is and adjusting to fit the new text on screen.