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Every time I post in any video or articles, the post doesn't show up. @rorie Not sure if it is a server side delay, but I haven't been able to track down my comments on videos afterwards.

EDIT: They do actually show up after half an hour or so.

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This is really annoying.

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I just posted something and it looks like it went through immediately, so hopefully this was resolved. Let me know if you still see it, though.

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The same's been happening to me, but after a few minutes it finally shows up. It seems like it's just delayed.

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Yeah, I think this has something to do with notifications being wonky. It looks like they're showing up, just a bit later than expected. Hopefully be resolved soon.

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I'm getting this bug now :(

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I'm getting this bug now :(

Everyone gets it, as it's something on the server side. Been bugged for a while and I'm pretty sure it's actively being worked on. Sorry for the trouble.

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@rorie: Cool, good luck to the top men.