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Several times, I have run into an error when submitting an edit. It's usually when creating new people. Edit #70821 is the most recent occurrence. If it's anything like the last time this happened (Edit #65404), it will sit as "Pending" for a while until it is eventually automatically denied.

One thing it does, though, is create person pages for anyone new. But the pages are empty.

Since this happened the first time, I only edit in small chunks now. Things would be so much better if I didn't have to do that, but if I didn't, I'd be afraid that I'd lose the work.

I haven't contributed as much as I'd like to since these errors began, and then happened more than once.

Good luck!

PS - a couple of things that have come to mind since...both times that I lost big edits, I had my browser window filling about 3/4 of the screen, in order to see pictures of the credits on the other 1/4 of the screen. I can't recall having an error when I had my browser filling the whole screen. Edits seem to happen faster when it's like that, too. Could that be the problem?

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@homeslice: Can you send me a screenshot the next time this happens? Easier to submit a bug that way. Sorry for the trouble!

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Just happened again, @rorie. It briefly said "Oops! Looks like we ran into an error" at the top of the page, in white text across a red bar. Didn't get the screenshot in time to snag that. But here's what the rest of the page looks like:

On my wiki submissions list, instead of saying that edit #72638 is for Red Dead Redemption, it says under Wiki Page: "BALEETED OBJECT, THIS MESSAGE WILL NO LONGER EXIST IN THE FUTURE BEEP BOOP". Status is "Pending", although like the others, that will probably switch to "Denied" sometime tomorrow.

The person pages get created, but they are all empty, and are not added to the Credits page of the game where they were initially created. I'm pretty sure wiki points are also not awarded.

What I've been doing is just adding the new pages to the game's credits page, so that there aren't a bunch of new empty person pages floating around, and to usually continue editing the game's credits.

The common thread in all of these errors is that I'm creating pages for more than seven people at a time. This time, it was nine, which was too many for the site to handle. I did have edits a short while ago with 6 or 7 new person pages, and those went through. They did take about a minute to process, however.

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Happened again an hour later, this time adding only 6 new person pages for Rockstar employees. Got it as it happened in this screenshot:

Only this time, the edits appear on the person pages and the Red Dead credits page where I created them. Edit 72647. Strange! My only guess is that it's because it's only 6 new pages, whereas maybe 8 or more will show the error, and fail to add credits to the new pages. But I don't know anything about how any of this works.

**New one happened the following day. New scenario as well, the edit reads as pending on my wiki history page, but the edits are showing on the Red Dead credits page. Here's a screenshot of that one:

I also noticed a new wrinkle that may have existed for the other errors: the wiki points total on the Red Dead page next to my name includes the points for this most recent error, but those points don't show on my profile, or anywhere else.

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Any luck, @ltsquigs? I'm somewhat reluctant to make similar edits, because of the errors.

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Took a week off of editing in case things were sorted out, came back to it, and now anytime I have to create more than two person pages at a time, I get an error. Occasionally the changes will still show up, but usually they don't.

Seem to have success creating one or two at a time, but it's a bit of a pain, and very inefficient compared to how it used to work.

Okay - I can all but confirm that if I try to create 3 or more person pages at a time in a single edit, it will fail and display the error message pictured above.

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Gonna try pinging @ltsquigs again. If he doesn't respond I'll check in on the bug in the database.

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Okay. If it's related, it seems that editing multiple credits at once for a game, whether they're existing person pages or new person pages, take a lot longer to process than they used to. So I wonder if they're taking so long that they just eventually time out.

Update - it's gotten to the point now where every edit that creates a new person page generates an error. If it's just one person page, the edits are nonetheless made. If it's 2 or more, the edits don't appear. The person pages are usually created, though, so I edit the page again and insert all those new ones with 0 game credits.

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I have done some credits edits on the Deadly Premonition page that involved creating new people, and I was just able to create five in one edit without a problem.

I will try doing it on the Red Dead credits next, to see if I encounter any hiccups.

- And there were hiccups. Same problems. Interesting - so it's either isolated to the Red Dead credits page (which is pretty big), or perhaps when a credits page gets to be very long, it starts to create problems.

Hopefully this helps you, @rorie and @ltsquigs.