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I am using the latest version of Google Chrome.

When viewing a video in full screen, the cursor does not automatically hide after a few seconds.

To stop having the cursor on screen at all times when viewing a full screen video, I will move the cursor to the bottom left or right of the screen.

I do not move the cursor to the top left or right of the screen because the cursor is a hand icon and can still be seen when in these positions.

However, when the cursor is in the bottom left or right of the screen, the time shows for the video (little black box). Normally this will only show when hovering over the video timeline.

I have attached a picture below (see bottom right):

Sorry for being picky, but please could this be fixed as it is a little bit of a nuisance. Thanks.

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@rorie: I want to say that I've been noticing it on my HD HTML5 fullscreen videos for the past...month or so?

Thanks for getting back to us on this!

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Yeah I've had this issue for a couple month now, Using HD Streaming.

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I don't think the cursor ever hid for me in Firefox.

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Cursor hasn't disappeared for me in full screen for as long as I can remember. Always push it to the side. Safari, OSX 10.9.

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The cursor has always stayed on for me for as long as I can remember as well (Firefox)...

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The cursor never disappears for me as well (Chrome on multiple computers - HTML5 HD).

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This is still an issue for me in google chrome. Any hope for a fix?

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@warmachine: Try incognito mode with no other browser windows open. If that fixes it then look at your extensions.