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hey all --- UPDATED 2/28 6pm PST

We had a system outage that tonight that is going to have discrepancy on stats such as comment counts and wiki points. This is coming back up ASAP, but please don't file a bug on this right now.

We have recovered the following:

  • Comment counts
  • Votes for user reviews and lists
  • User tweets
  • Wiki points and scores
  • Image comments

We are working toward the following (ongoing):

  • Wiki relationship counts (e.g. how many games in a platform)

Unfortunately, user activity is an ephemeral set of data that we store so this has been lost for all users from before 12:50am PST.

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Another note, saved video times for premium subscribers are lost from before midnight tonight. Sorry everybody, theres no way for us to reconstruct that data.

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I don't know if this is a good place to post this, but some older news posts and forum threads have double posts at the beginning for some reason.

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Okay wondered if I was going crazy not seeing wiki points on pages. Good to know the top men are on it.

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@nakattack: whoops, we'll get that fixed asap. thanks for the heads up

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Looks like my twitter posts disappeared as well, Hope they fix this soon.

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stuff is rolling back in, unpinning.