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#1 Posted by Caustic_Fox (112 posts) -

I am really confused at the moment. Hours ago, I went on here to look up on things: update a wiki entry, change my profile avatar and profile background... etc. I log-in just now, and I see that my profile is now in the same state as If I never even went on today. The wiki submissions, my profile changes, all non existing.

Also, I'm pretty sure that this site had a face-lift as the layout is completely different.

Did I just wake up in a time capsule or what?

#2 Posted by Gamer_152 (14126 posts) -

This is not a bug, today was the day we updated to a new version of the site. Giant Bomb has received a complete overhaul, but it went live using database data from Feb 9th, there was a message on the old site that this would be happening.