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Hey there, my apologises if this was already brought up elewhere. Since the site re-launched I've had difficulties getting videos on GB to play on my iPad, clicking the big red play button seems to do nothing, and then occassionally certain videos will seem to randomly start after 30 or 40 seconds.

I'm using an iPad 2 with safari, I never had any issues on the older layout. Hopefully this is just new site blues, but it's kind of a bummer at the moment, as this where a good 95% of my Giantbomb intake comes from.

Thanks guys, much love.

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I'm also unable to play any videos on my windows phone. Its a huge bummer as I'm going through the VJ Deadly Premonition ER every night before I sleep. But whatever, I'm sure it's just typical site launch woes. Keep up the great work, Top Men, both the main and mobile sites are real slick.

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android tablet/phone user reporting in. videos don't play, and the site is extremely sluggish. Nexus 7 and galaxy nexus.

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@jamakan_inc: That's strange cause I've been able to play videos on my iPad consistently.

@weegieanawrench: I can second that it's completely busted on Windows Phone.

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From what I can tell, the older pre-udate videos seem to run without issue, I just can't seem to get the newer ones to play. If I click the "download" button, I'm able to get videos to run on medium quality that way, but even that doesn't seem to run as consistently as it used you.

I do live in Australia, so we may be able to chalk some of it up to living in a country with awful internet speeds, it's just that everything used to work so well before. :(

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Yea, I've been having trouble too. What you have to do is click on the video and wait. The video will sooner or later start up.