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Hey, I sent an email to support@giantbomb.com about this yesterday, but I wanted to check if I did the right thing and/or sent the email to the right place (I can't remember if it is still the support address). Basically my membership expired last August, so I renewed my yearly membership through Paypal. This appeared to work and I continued as a member until last weekend when I was dropped down to free. Is there anything else I need to do to get my membership back?

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Can you check your email and see if you got a response? I've been working on the support queue all day.

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No email yet. I really just wanted to make sure I was using the right address, I remember looking it up in the Whiskey media days and just fired the email off last night without thinking about it. I thought it might have changed after the CBSi stuff and the new site. As long as I know it's in the queue I'm cool about it.

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@amatureidiot: Can you send it again? I don't remember seeing something like this. Just FYI, Paypal memberships don't automatically renew, so if it expired, you'll have to purchase another membership to reup for the year.

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@rorie: OK, I've resent the email and sent you a copy of the email via a PM. Hopefully one will get through! I don't actually think its a renewal thing because I remained a member long after my previous membership expired in August and have a email confirmation of the paypal purchase from August this year. Thinking about it now I did remember seeing that the expiry date of my membership didn't change after renewal, but everything else said I was a member so I put it down to a bug.