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I'm no longer able to view GB at work, which is devastating for me... It means I actually have to work now... but that has to change.

I am the Onsite SysAdmin so I found this odd. Our normal net tracffic is comcast business then the work related stuff is over ATT. (GB works on the att side)

I can access CBSinteractive.com, gamespot.com, and comicvine.com, I assume those might be located in the same datacenter?

So far, I tried switching to different DNS servers instead of using Comcasts defaults. but no luck.
Any thoughts guys?

If GB does block IP's what did I do wrong and how can I fix it? Being that this is a static IP, I can't really do much on this end until I have more free time to look into the server logs.

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@cbyrne: What is the exact error that your getting? There could be several issues. Could be a DNS issue with your DNS not being able to resolve the web address. If you use a proxy or web filter, it is possibly being blocked (Giantbomb's name alone could get it flagged for more than just a gaming website).

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The page just eventually times out with out loading anything. if you try the ip it just times out as well. (at home it goes to the GB 404 page)

We don't have any proxies or web filtering in this department, just raw internet. (modem->Server->switch->computers) Granted Windows server is doing DHCP and I've been wanting to change that. It worked earlier this week and nothing changed here. If I VPN into the production side I can go to giantbomb.com just fine and that side has firewalls and and filtering in place.

As for DNS, I called and tried Comcast's secondary DNS servers and some public ones like googles, but nothing.

Just turning wheels over here, because it doesn't make sense.

The last thing I remember doing at the site while at work was searching for Robot vacuum Simulator 2013 in the database, so that could be related... I don't know.

Tracert from work

1 * * * Request timed out.

2 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms xe-10-1-0-32767-sur01.walledlake.mi.michigan.com

ast.net []

3 11 ms 12 ms 12 ms xe-4-1-0-0-sur02.walledlake.mi.michigan.comcast.

et []

4 14 ms 15 ms 15 ms te-0-5-0-7-ar01.pontiac.mi.michigan.comcast.net]

5 21 ms 19 ms 23 ms he-4-3-0-0-cr01.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net]

6 38 ms 21 ms 23 ms pos-1-5-0-0-pe01.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net


7 36 ms 37 ms 37 ms chp-edge-01.inet.qwest.net []

8 * * * Request timed out.

9 34 ms 33 ms 35 ms

10 50 ms 34 ms 35 ms

11 34 ms 58 ms 34 ms

12 * * * Request timed out.

13 * * * Request timed out.

Tracert from home.

1 <1 ms 1 ms 1 ms DD-WRT

2 7 ms 8 ms 7 ms

3 8 ms 7 ms 73 ms xe-3-0-0-32767-sur01.Explitive_deleted.mi.michigan.co

mcast.net []

4 15 ms 11 ms 12 ms te-0-3-0-7-ar01.pontiac.mi.michigan.comcast.net


5 25 ms 20 ms 18 ms he-4-5-0-0-cr01.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net


6 21 ms 17 ms 17 ms he-0-11-0-0-pe04.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net


7 * 18 ms 26 ms chp-edge-01.inet.qwest.net []

8 * * * Request timed out.

9 30 ms 31 ms 30 ms

10 32 ms 31 ms 32 ms

11 38 ms 35 ms 31 ms

12 * * * Request timed out.

13 * * * Request timed out.

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@cbyrne: We technically can block IPs, I believe, but I don't think we actually do so. Let me ping in @mrpibb who might be able to look into this for you.

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Get to work you hippy.

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@cbyrne: can you pm me your incoming ip from comcast? We have a couple of ip blocks from rogue bots and i want to make sure we didn't block you accidentally.

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Everything is fine now, Thanks!

Comcast was having issues in the midwest. Also, is the better DNS for those in the Michigan area.