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I was watching "Quick Look: Akai Katana Shin" in HTML 5.0 in Safari on my MacBook and about halfway through the video the audio started again. When I paused the video, the audio stream from the beginning of the video (the steam that started second) kept playing. I tried this a few more times, getting the same results. Finally, I reloaded the video and it stopped. I am not sure if this is a problem with the video or the HTML 5.0 video player.

I have been having some problems with HTML 5.0 since the site relaunch. Usually it always worked fine in Safari, but after the relaunch it hasn't been working right. The only reason it was playing this time was because I was playing it on the lowest settings, which I shouldn't need to do because I live in Japan and I have a Hikari fiberoptic connection.