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You guys probably noticed this real quick and I'd guess you're already on the case, but yeah.

Calendar says July 19th though, so maybe it has something to do with that.

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This may surprise,

But the website is acting a little buggy.

I kid! Yeah, I'd just say ignore it for now.

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It's watchable though!

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Yeah it does say it's due in like over 15 hours so either it's wrong it has been put up early by mistake.

It's a shame because I'm really bored right now and would love to watch some stupidity right about now. Shame it doesn't load.

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It seems to have been taken down now so it must've been an accident.

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Their is another bug but i dont know how it started but on xbox live i'm KSI Sofiya i was rank 13, anyhow a friend wanted help with the shu story andcollecting the stars... so i said yes he invited me to an xbox live party and than proceeded to invite me to the game i was currently looking at my blacksmith in ambition mode... and i hit accept invite... from inside ambition mode... as soon as i went into his game my weapons skills everything was reset....sigh... all my work x.x

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@ksisofiya: Just to be clear, this "Bug Reporting" forum is meant for "bugs with Giant Bomb's website", not an advisory of bugs to look out for in a particular game.

But it does sound pretty unfortunate that you lost all that character progress! Hope it doesn't take too much time to get back. :)

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well.. i did do the 101 battles in ambition mode for the red hare and i had passed wei shu and jin dynasties story line on top of max lvlin my the buildings i needed for the ambition mode palace...