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Hey, I would love to watch what the GB Crew "We're Talking Over" videos but none of them have the option to Download.. The Download button is there but shows nothing in the menu it bring up...

Would love to watch these videos and can't really stream them because of shoddy country internet. Was this intentional?

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Oh, just read the reason why this is happening on a video comment... If others are curious.

According to Drew: They won't be downloadable until we can upload our own recorded versions.

We wanted to get these up ASAP, so we're basically pulling in the server-side archives from our livestream service (which are not downloadable), rather than using our own uploads (which, since we're streaming all day, we're currently unable to upload). We'll be uploading our own versions later, hopefully in the next day or so.

So yeah that sucks but I understand.. Keep up the hard work!

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Nice, that sounds like the ways it should be done for live shows. "Download pending" message when clicking the button maybe.

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Awesome that they are available so quickly though. Thanks Drew.

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Okay. This is probably related to why I can't stream them through my console's video player because it wants a Flash Video Capable Browser, huh?

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Ah, alright. Explains why the Video Buddy doesn't like these either. A reasonable reason! Thanks for the info.