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Any YouTube video embedded in a forum post can't be interacted with. The only thing that seems to work is right-clicking, which brings up the typical context menu. I think this may have started occurring with a recent browser update (I am on the Chrome beta release channel, so it's possible this will get resolved in the browser itself before hitting a stable release).

Win 7, Chrome 26.0.1410.19 beta-m

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That happened to me yesterday except that nothing on the entire site could be clicked after watching a youtube video. Closing and re-opening chrome fixed the issue.

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Is embedding working at all right now? I keep seeing youtube hyper-links and people saying they couldn't embed it.

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@linkster7: Video embeds are working. I'm using stable channel Chrome 25.0.1364.99 on OS X right now, and it's all good.

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@chaser324: Can you post a link to a thread where this happens? Thanks.

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Hmm this worked for me, I'm on OS X 10.7 Chrome 25.0.1364 (vanilla latest, not dev or anything) and I was able to interact with all the player controls fine, as well as full screen toggle and change quality. Maybe try on regular vanilla Chrome?

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@rchen: Yeah, stable branch Chrome has no issues on OS X or Win 7 for me. It's definitely just something on the beta side...so probably safe to ignore for the time being.