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Hey there, just wanted to point out that I'm getting a shitload of Error 500 pages (like over 20 times now), while navigating in the forums. I know that these are the first days of the new site and stuff has still to be fixed up, the message that you get when you encounter a 500 is fun for the first 3 times but now it's getting kind of annoying to see Luchadeer's face. Happened a couple of times even when watching some of Jeff's lists.

Keep up the good work anyway.


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Try revisiting the site in a day or so.

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I got error 500 when I tried to access this thread.

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I get 500 wherever I go.

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I get 500 wherever I go.

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Thanks for reporting duders. We're working hard now trying to get to the bottom of these pesky 500s, and we'll keep you posted as we make fixes to squash these.

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Getting mad 500s, too. Imagine this will be ironed out in next day or two and we can go back to arguing about video games again!

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These 500 errors are our number #1 priority right now; As simonsez says we are working hard on that one

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Im getting it every time i click something. But hey just launched