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Any time I click a link to a thread, it immediately scrolls me down towards the bottom of the page. Not always to the bottom, but never at the top. Not sure what that's all about. Top Men, you have been notified.

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This happens to me also, maybe its supposed to be a feature. it lets you see the most recent comment, but its not useful when you havent even read the op.

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Happening to me as well. I'd rather die than have to scroll up to the top of the page every time. I'd rather die in a fire while drowning.

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Lol, wtf. I never had this happen till I clicked this thread... you've infected me.

It does happen when i browse on my ipod a lot though.

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This just started happening on my Galaxy S3. Using stock AOSP browser (running CM 10.0).

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Same here, Chrome Windows 7.

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ahhhh now i have been infected!

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Same here, Chrome Windows 7.

Same here same here.

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The issue has been identified, but the engineers do not know when they will be able to fix it.

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Just started happening to me today. I am using Chrome as well, but on Windows 8.

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Yep started happening to me today. Firefox win7

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It is happening for me, as well. Though, it doesn't go all the way to the bottom; it just goes about 5/6 of the way down. Annoying, but I imagine they'll fix it. I know they made some changes today(such as notifications and lists), and I'm guessing some minor thing screwed it all up.

Firefox, Windows 7.

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Yep if you hover over the thread name it shows the link as the thread then with a /#11 or 15 or whatever number is in the "posts" column at the end.

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I am more shocked this has been ongoing for over 6 hours.


(100% kidding with a dash of pepto)

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Someone suggested they do this once. I said he was crazy. I was right.

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That's ok. I just read the thread name and comment. :P

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Same here, glad I'm not the only one. Thought I was going crazy for the past few days.

oh, and Win 7, Chrome

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same ,win7 chrome

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I'm trapped down here! Send help!

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I just clicked a thread on the main forum and it scrolled me right down to a picture of a shirtless, hairy black guy with a girl around him. This almost seems like an elaborate prank. Now I have to scroll up all the time. Life at Giant Bomb just got hard.

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Fast travel.

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Yup. Win7 Chrome as well.

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Win 7, Firefox 21. Same problem.

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Same here. Windows 7, Chrome Version 27.0.1453.116 m

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It has nothing to do with your browser. Check the links for each thread. They all have the post number in them at the end.

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I started at the bottom.

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here too

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Oh man.. With all this scrolling ill have massivly overdeveloped index fingers to match my thumbs!

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This has been happening to me for about 4 days now.

Windows 7 on Google Chrome as well.

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Happening to me as well. Chrome on Windows 7, Chrome on Galaxy S4, and Chrome on Nexus 7

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sorry guys

we're on the issue, hopefully have a fix sometime tomorrow (some code wasn't checked properly).

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I've been experiencing this on and off for the past two weeks now.