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It happened to me twice already. I was not using the quote function but the reply to user to function. I typed quite a long reply (both times), posted it, and somehow ALL the text has disappeared in my post.

I think it was because I started a new paragraph right after the @(username), then started typing... at least that was what I used to do and had done for those two posts i was talking about.

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This has been happening to me as well. I have found a temporary workaround where if you type out your response first and then press the reply button to the user in question it works just fine. Really hope it gets fixed, given I occasionally have problems when I'm trying to respond to people in the Santa hat photoshop thread.

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Happened to me past 2 times I post on the forum, using the latest firefox.

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This has happened to me once using Firefox.

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Once on the android version of chrome.

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Yep happened to me on Firefox several times and I just rage quit the Giant Bomb forums as a result.

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I think I've had it happen to me in Chrome.

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I've had it happen to me a lot over the last several months. It's actually prompted me to start copying all my text when I make a long post because it's super frustrating when it happens.

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Yes this happened to me a few times with Chrome in the last week. Now I just never reply to anyone.


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@rorie: No problem thanks for the update Rorie.