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Flash support is finally coming to Windows RT IE10 tomorrow, which is pretty huge for me if that means it'll finally mean the video controls on Giant Bomb will work as intended for me on my Surface. I don't know too much when it comes to flash and how that plays into the new site. Does it mean anything? Is there reason to be hopeful. Luckily tomorrow is only a few hours away, so I guess time will tell.


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Nope, still doesn't work. But this "error" still appears when playing a video. It doesn't show up using the iPad Safari user agent, where everything seems to work. It also displays all the side bar coming soon lists which are absent from the stock IE user agent settings.

HTML1500: Tag cannot be self-closing. Use an explicit closing tag.

www.giantbomb.com, line 413 character 7

And that is referencing the video player.