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The thread list isn't updating itself when people make new posts. New posts are going through, though. Sometimes. I know a few posts I made in the last few minutes appear in my user profile timeline, but apparently got eaten by whatever is going on with the forums right now.

EDIT: Going into General Discussion or Off Topic updates fine. It seems to only be affecting the main page where topics across every board appear.

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I already sent a message to the mods, and they responded. Engineers are currently making sure they keep their jobs for this!

But the main timeline is like 15 minutes behind, and comments to your own post can take 10 minutes to appear.

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Yep. I posted a thread about a half hour ago and now it seems to have gone live.

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Yeah nuts.... I just posted a new poll and it totally didn't show up.

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Yeah. Seems like posts are showing up in the thread 5 minutes or so after I actually make them.

edit: no problem this time.

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If I CTRL R it seems to update properly, but yeah, hitting F5 is kind of wonky right now.

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Yeah, some weird stuff going on