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Hey @alexisg I think you broke the forums on mobile today when you made that grid change.

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Crap... I did. Was changing the grid to use a skinnier right hand column which was a much requested feature. Should be fixed tomorrow.

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@alexisg: So I don't know that I've seen an answer to this but speaking of the mobile site I've noticed that at least currently when the site scales for a mobile environment there is no "reply" button for replying to individual users. Is that something that will be added in the future? And yeah, I realize you guys are already tearing your hair out trying to get everything operational but so far as a heavy mobile user that is my one only real issue with the mobile site right now. Just curious if it will be addressed.

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@demoskinos: YEah that is on the list of things to get done. I also hate not having the reply button.

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@demoskinos: Its something were looking at in the future. The current reply button needs to have the WYSIWYG in order to work right, which isn't available on mobile. Creating a different button for mobile is on the list of things to do when we get the site stable and faster (and comicvine up as well)

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Yeah all of the sudden everything is extremely left justified. What the hell? It was fine a few minutes ago.

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Glad I'm not seeing things. Was checking it out on my iPhone and it was busted.

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@alexisg said:

Was changing the grid to use a skinnier right hand column which was a much requested feature.

Fuck yes. Thank you. I'll glady live forum-less on mobile to have this fix. Feature nothing that shit was broken! ;)

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Pull out the hammers, son, and fix it:

Samsung Galaxy S III

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Everything seems to be good now. The only trouble I've had with the mobile site is -

No reply button (which you know about) and having to press the text box multiple times until I can begin typing. Everything else works fine for me.

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No Neku, you're just going crazy. If it was fine now, I would not be seeing a maximum of five words per line in your post.

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No bueno.

Dr. Rockso can't have your lovin', no more throbbin' clown bone in your wet oven. No more.

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Keep on rolling GUYS, slow and steady

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Yeah, they're the same on 4S 6.1.1. Still pushed to the extreme left and I still can't read anything in the forums.

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This should be fixed now. Let me know if it is not.

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Yep, works fine.

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@alexisg: I can't press the upper left and right buttons on the mobile site (the stack of bars on the left and the magnifying glass on the right) anymore so I'm kinda stuck on the main page and its content of the site. I have other parts of the site recorded in my history, but I'd rather not do that. I continue to use the very same Samsung Galaxy S III I mentioned earlier.

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@rjayb89: I have encountered this problem too, I am on a Blackberry 9930 (I know)

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@rjayb89: @bassman2112: Seomthign broke over the weekend with the js besing sent to mobile android phones. Ugh. I have this set as a P1 bug. Someone will get on it soon. Long weekend is getting in the way of course.

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@alexisg: No rush! Hope you guys enjoy your long weekend =) Stellar job with the site so far.

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@alexisg: No rush! Hope you guys enjoy your long weekend =) Stellar job with the site so far.

Yeah, by all accounts I think you guys have earned a long weekend.