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Dunno if anyone else is seeing this but I'll post something then the forums won't update afterwords for like a good 4-5 minutes. The posts are updating in the actual posts but on the main page its not bumping up the newer posts.

This has been happening to me on Chrome both when I load it normally and even when I try an incognito window without any cookies or extensions and my phone on Internet Explorer.

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Yeah, I'm having that issue too.

Lately it feels like if its not one problem, there's always another.

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hey all, we're looking into it. having some memcached issues that just recently popped up so our forums may be behind in view by 5 min. We just did a new push so hopefully that fixes the issue.

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@mrpibb: didn't rorie say the pages are cached and update every 5 mins now?

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@the_laughing_man: that's the worst case scenario. We clear out our cache on every new forum post (depending on board, display, etc of course), but the cache also has an expiration of 5 min in case the clear doesn't take.