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The Friend Activity thingy on my profile page is completely empty. Not sure if this is something that's been mentioned before, but if it has been I haven't seen it, so I figured I'd make a new topic about it because that's what this place is for. The thing worked fine the day the site update launched, except for the fact that the site wouldn't load 75 percent of the time (And was getting spammed with image uploads from the staff), but for a few days now that thing's just been totally empty.

On top of that, my Wiki Pages Edited thing doesn't seem to be updating either. So that's weird.

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Yep, same issue here. My own feed seems to work just fine but I can't see a thing in my friend activity feed.

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Yeah, Friend's Activity is also showing Blank plus my Twitter Posts don't show up in Mines too, Hope they fix it soon.

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I can report that I'm having the same issue. For a while I thought that I lost all the users I followed disappeared.

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This is a known issue. We turned it off for now for performance reasons. Will be back very shortly once we make it more 'light'.