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Hey all. Friend feed's broken. It's stuck on four days ago with the images Patrick uploaded for last week's Worth Reading as the most recent updates.

While I'm here, any chance of having the activity streams not display a single image per update? If a certain someone is updating a certain Persona 3 screenshot thread of his, just as a random hypothetical scenario I've plucked out of the ether, then all the feed will be is a dozen or so individual pictures from that upload. But that's probably going to require some big coding overhaul and at the moment I'd be just fine with it displaying anything that's happened in June.

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@mento: That's by design.

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I have noticed this as well but was starting to wonder if it was just me since I did not see anyone else posting about it. I would also love for images to be posted in groups again like it used to be.

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I can confirm I've been experiencing the same issue. There definitely should be things in my feed that haven't been updated at all since several of days ago!

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It's working again (for me at least). Thanks to whoever stepped in and fixed it.