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I'm on Windows 8 with latest Firefox. I'm trying to get to the Giant Bomb front page but a 404 error comes up every time. I can access everything on the site as long as I can make it to any other page using external links or previous history. Trying to link back to the front page with the home button up top leads back to the same 404 message. The URL field consistently adds /ap_index no matter how I try to type GB's domain name.

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Very strange. To me it sounds like a) hosts file b) Firefox using history / url guessing c) bad plugin d) spyware.

Is it possible for you to open up an "incognito" window and try that?

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I cleared all my browsing history and cookies and it's all good to go now. Front page works fine. Not sure why it was doing what it was doing. Thanks anyways.

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Thanks for reporting.